Dr. Jeffrey M. Krawcek

Dr. Jeffrey M. Krawcek
Vice President of Human Resources and Pediatrician

A perfect fit in a value-based system

In 2006, I moved from Wisconsin to be closer to the outdoor activities so prevalent in and around the Rocky Mountains (and the 300+ days of yearly sunshine didn’t hurt, either!). I began a new job as a hospitalist and started to explore all that Colorado has to offer. While I loved living in Denver, I quickly realized that the hospitalist job wasn’t a great “fit” for me.  I began to search for the perfect position that really meshed with my philosophy toward life and the practice of medicine. Fortunately, I found Kaiser Permanente and realized immediately that it was absolutely the right fit!

After joining CPMG in 2008, I was immediately struck by four tenets of Kaiser Permanente that have been integral to our success since the 1930s:  

  • Preventive care rather than “sick care”
  • A multispecialty group practice emphasizing integrated care
  • Components of pre-payment instead of traditional fee-for-service medical care
  • Advanced medical information technology

As a practicing pediatrician, I see these principles at work on a daily basis. With a schedule and compensation structure that rewards quality of care rather than quantity of care, the patient is inherently at the center of our team’s work. On a daily basis, I hear team members frame conversations by asking, “What’s best for the patient?” I have learned that the traditional office visit isn’t always the best way to deliver care; tools such as email, telephone visits, and electronic “advice referrals” to our specialty colleagues may actually be better for our members in many cases. The amount of support I have, from clinical pharmacists to chronic care coordinators, is far greater than what I would have in private practice. I have found a group of colleagues that place importance on work-life balance; they feel that optimizing this balance ultimately optimizes career sustainability and patient care.  

I continue to be impressed by the strength of the physicians that are my partners at CPMG. As Vice President of Human Resources, I have been astounded by the quality of talent that is attracted to our medical group. Continuing to combine the very best physicians with our innovative and unique model of health care delivery is what makes me believe that Kaiser Permanente is the future of health care. This, along with the ability to live and play in the beautiful state of Colorado, has made working at CPMG a perfect fit for me. I invite you to explore opportunities within our medical group and see if Kaiser Permanente is the perfect fit for you!